Future Me

  • Chief Business Expert
  • Digital Business Expert
  • Digital Sales Manager
  • Digital Strategy & E–commerce Director
  • Digital Media Specialist

This specialization studies business in the digital technology field that is currently developing. Students are expected to be able to create companies that are engaged not only in digital technology but also in various industrial sectors, follow the development of digital technology in the global market, apply business management principles and knowledge and develop business through digital platforms and be able to have a career in world companies in various industrial sectors.

Students can combine finance knowledge with software development to create software for accountants, combine games development and marketing to market the latest game products, or work in the data sector as data analysts, project managers, or system managers.

Sarjana Manajemen (S.M.) degree


  • Student exchange opportunity with Dongseo University.
  • Real-life learning of the industry.
  • Interacting with Information Systems experts as guest lecturers (for example Bukalapak, Tokopedia, etc.).
  • Internship opportunities in major Information Technology companies such as Bukalapak and BCA.