Future Me

  • Fashion Business Owner
  • Fashion Product Manager
  • Fashion Market Manager
  • Fashion Business Advisor
  • Fashion Marketing Consultant
  • Fashion Brand Manager
  • Retail Manager

Creative industry products in the business world are growing. For this reason, this specialization will focus on studying business management in the fashion industry. Students can develop ideas and knowledge of creating their fashion brand, collaborate with well-known fashion brands or work in companies engaged in fashion and serve consumers and business partners in the field of business in management, marketing and finance aspects, especially in the fashion industry.

Sarjana Manajemen (S.M.) degree

Keunggulan Spesialisasi

  • Real Client, Real Practice
    Providing students to get real clients, real experience, training, mentorship and internships needed to read the latest trends in the fashion field. Also, hone students’ practical skills through creative laboratories from other fashion retail industries.
  • Entrepreneurship Global Networking
    Have cooperation and networks with various companies and national and international fashion retail industry associations.
  • Entrepreneurship Based Education
    We are producing graduates with entrepreneurial and intrapreneur mindsets. Able to create and manage businesses that can be known nationally and internationally.
  • Creative & Innovative
    Hone creativity based on fashion research to innovate products and services with high selling value according to the latest target market.