( Frequently Asked Question )

CSB Makassar is located in CitraLand City Losari, Centre Point of Indonesia, Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia.

There are 3 Bachelor's degree programs, namely Management, with 4 elective specializations, which are International Business Management (IBM), Communication Business Management (COM), Culinary Business Management (CBM), and Digital Business Management (DBM); Visual Communication Design with 3 elective specializations, which are Graphic Design (GD), Digital Illustration (ILX), and Digital Media Design (DMD); and Informatics with 2 elective specializations, which are Application Development (Full Stack) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). There is also one Master's degree program (S2) titled Master of Management with three specializations, namely Business Development for Start-Up, Business Development for Family Business, and Business Development for Corporate.

For the time being, CSB Makassar only has programs for full-time students.

Registrants in the 2024/2025 period will get a tuition fee discount.

New student enrolment at CSB Makassar starts in July 2023 and ends in August 2024.

If you were homeschooled, you MUST ALREADY obtain your Paket C diploma before registering at CSB Makassar. We cannot accept you as a student without this diploma, even though you have taken the national examination or if you only have a letter of participation for the national test.

You can register through a particular test pathway if you are a high school or vocational school alumnus. The maximum range for graduation accepted is 6 years before the starting date of university study.

The transfer process can be started by emailing your syllabus and last semester’s score transcript to Please declare in the email which major or specialization of CSB Makassar you are interested in.

Prospective students should prepare their 11th grade report card and purchase a registration voucher through the website, and take the entry selection test (Test Schedule).

If you have registered and taken the entry selection test, you will receive the results through your email and your parent’s email addresses within 3 days.

If you do not pass the first wave entry selection test, you can try to register at CSB Makassar one more time. You can register twice in one academic year.

If there is a typing error or data change in your registration application, then you should email using the subject “Registration Data Update (space) your full name”.

All requested files and documents must be emailed to

All new student registration paths at CSB Makassar involve an entry selection test according to the program.

Each program has a maximum limit for new students accepted each year. Therefore, we suggest you register earlier.

CSB Makassar offers plenty of options. You can check the requirements here. Available scholarships are up to 100% free tuition fees.

Unfortunately, there is no dormitory for CSB Makassar students. However, many boarding houses are around the CSB Makassar campus. You can check the Accommodation Information for complete information on residential facilities near the campus.

The length of study to complete the Sarjana education is 4 years and 145 class credits (SKS).

Prospective students who have been accepted into CSB Makassar and canceled before the study period are eligible for a refund. You can check here to see CSB Makassar’s refund policy.

If a prospective student changes their mind and wishes to change their specialization to their second choice, then they must fill in the Specialization Switching Form and email the form to Terms and conditions for the program switching can be viewed here.

A detailed illustration of tuition fees for all programs at CSB Makassar can be viewed here. Contact our Call Center at 08112 500 228 for more information.

No. Applying for any tuition fee grants will not affect the registration results because all prospective students will undergo the same entry selection test.

Prospective students can apply for payment installments according to CSB Makassar policy. Please get in touch with our student counselor to receive assistance in applying.

After receiving the announcement of registration results, you will receive an email detailing your tuition fee and the bank account of CSB Makassar. Please complete the payment before the payment deadline.

CSB Makassar provides as much information as possible for its alumni, shared through alumni email addresses and social media, regarding job opportunities from major CSB Makassar corporate partners.

CSB Makassar prioritizes building cooperations with significant corporations and domestic and international industry partners. You can check our list of partnerships here.

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