Foreign Student Admission


Requirements for prospective foreign students who want to register at CSB Makassar :

  • Students must have graduated a maximum of 2 years before the academic year begins.
  • Students are in grade 12 (high school degree) or A-Level Education or IB Diploma.
  • Have a diploma and academic transcript equalized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Color scan of a valid passport.
  • Color scan of valid Student Visa & Residence Permit (KITAS/KITAP).
  • Must have English language skills with a TOEFL score of 550 / IELTS 6.
  • Participate in all series of new student admission selections.

Prepare the following documents to apply for a Study Permit (which also includes a Visa & Residence Permit if you do not have one) :

  • Passport (minimum 24 months for 1-year KITAS, minimum 36 months for 2-year KITAS).
  • Telex Visa.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Latest ID photo (size 4×6 with red background).
  • Diploma and Academic Transcript.
  • A statement that you will not work while studying in Indonesia.
  • Statement of not participating in political activities or propaganda.
  • Statement of compliance with the laws and regulations in Indonesia.
  • Statement from the guarantor or person in charge while studying.
  • Certificate of financial guarantee from parents.
  • Health Certificate.
  • Certificate of a total dose of vaccine.
  • Health Insurance.
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