Program Switching

Requirements for specialization switching :

  • The intended specialization must have already been selected as the second specialization choice in the registration form. If not, the prospective student must purchase a new registration voucher and follow existing regulations for registration.
  • Fill in the specialization switching request form that can be download here. The student’s parents must sign the form.
  • Prospective students registered through the Academic Achievement Invitation path may not request to switch specialization after the Achievement Pathway Invitation period is closed.
  • Specialization switching can be done once before re-registration, and CSB Makassar reserves the right to reject the specialization switching request.
  • Specialization switching may not be done if the prospective student has completed re-registration.

If you meet the requirements for specialization switching, please download and print the Specialization Switching Form

Then fill in the data below and click submit. Confirmation of applying for a specialization transfer will be sent to your email within 3 working days.

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