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Application Development (Full Stack) is a specialization within the Informatics program that focuses on studying algorithms and programming as the foundation for developing web and mobile solutions, both natively for Android and iOS platforms and using hybrid approaches. Students will acquire the fundamental theories and concepts of a computer scientist, learn how to implement both SQL and NoSQL databases, harness the power of cloud technologies, and gain technical skills in both back-end and front-end development.

Sarjana Komputer degree (S.Kom.) - Bachelor's Degree

Future Me

  • Mobile App Engineer
  • Mobile Apps Developer
  • Database Developer/Administrator
  • Chief Programmer
  • Chief Technology
  • User Interaction Developer


  • Real World Project
    Academic projects aimed at creating ready-to-implement software/applications in the industrial world.
  • Student Centered Learning
    A learning strategy that integrates the latest curriculum and courses tailored to the learning style of Generation Z students.
  • Mentoring
    Intensive mentoring and tutorial programs in every semester to help students maximize their potential in achieving their highest achievements.
  • Entrepreneurship Learning
    Students are equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset in the field of technology (technopreneurship). In each course, students are encouraged to create opportunities and innovations, including the creation of a final project involving practical business creation.
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