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Studying business communication and global business management, including finance and marketing, to enter various industries and develop expertise in business communication for a career in different industrial sectors.

  • Acquiring skills and knowledge in the field of business communication across all industry sectors,
  • Developing business capabilities to venture into the field of media communication business,
  • Building strategic skills in copywriting, visual and audio communication, and their application in business,
  • Practicing entrepreneurship as a foundation of knowledge for both business and career world.

Sarjana Manajemen (S.M.) degree - Bachelor's Degree

Future Me

  • Chief Communication Officer (CCO)
  • Mass Media Owner
  • Business Communication Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Public Relation
  • Branding Expert


  • Real Projects, Real Problems, Real Clients
    Students are given the opportunity to engage in real business communication and business projects from the beginning of their studies, identifying problems and executing solutions, including interacting with real clients.
  • Ciputra Group Network
    CSB Makassar is a part of the Ciputra Group, which has expanded its reach to the international level, with marketing communication being one of its strengths.
  • Project-based Learning
    Learning business is accompanied by experts, and students engage in practical learning in the field of business communication.
  • Entrepreneurial and Professional Communication
    Students not only learn the theory of business communication but also put it into practice across various industry sectors.
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