Corporate Entrepreneurship

The Corporate Entrepreneurship cluster facilitates CSB Makassar students interested in becoming reliable professionals by creating intrapreneurship values that will be applied in the organization/company of their choice through a human capital-based competency approach so that students can access their skills and shape their careers in the future. Students are expected to be able to design personal growth and achievement targets, plan and implement innovation execution plans based on analyzing industry 4.0 developments, and ability to innovate in one aspect of product offerings, served markets, and internal organization.

Testimony Alumni

I always bring the entrepreneurship spirit in my life & work. I get a chance to join Shangri-La Hotel Singapore as marketing Manager & would be their youngest expat manager
Stiefan Still Angling Kesuma, S.P.
Hotel and Tourism Business - Alumni Universitas Ciputra Surabaya
- Marketing Manager at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
Kalau kalian cari tempat kuliah yang semuanya kalian perlu diajari by text book, disini bukan tempatnya. Universitas Ciputra tempat buat kalian yang mau terjun langsung ke lapangan & belajar dari praktek langsung; disini tempat kalian "menjual" skill kalian bukan sekedar karya saja
Anastasia Winardi S,Des.
Visual Communication Design - Alumni Universitas Ciputra Surabaya
- Marketing Manager at CitraLand City Losari
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