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Application Development (Full Stack) is a specialization of the Informatics study program, which will study algorithms and programming as the basis for developing web and mobile-based solutions natively for Android and iOS platforms and hybrid. Students will acquire a computer scientist’s fundamental theories and concepts, how to implement SQL and NoSQL databases, utilize the Cloud, and be equipped with technical skills from the back-end and front-end sides.

Sarjana Komputer (S.Kom.) degree - Bachelor's Degree

Future Me

  • Mobile App Engineer
  • Mobile Apps Developer
  • Database Developer/Administrator
  • Chief Programmer
  • Chief Technology
  • User Interaction Developer


  • Real World Project
    Lecture projects that lead to ready-to-use software/applications to be realized in the industrial world.
  • Student Centered Learning
    Learning strategies that integrate the latest curriculum along with courses that are suitable for the learning styles of Generation Z students.
  • Mentoring
    Intensive mentoring and tutorial programs every semester so students can maximize their potential to achieve maximum achievement.
  • Entrepreneurship Learning
    Students are equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset in technology (technopreneurship). Students are required in each course to create opportunities and innovations, including doing a final project as doing business practices.
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