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The Graphic Design specialization will teach students the principles and ability to create concepts in communicating information through design and the technical knowledge to design in various forms through practice gained during lectures. Students will be able to provide solutions to visual presentation problems in multiple formats such as branding, packaging, publications, and so on through colors, fonts, and the design’s overall appearance. Graphic Design specialization trains students to use digital platforms to present memorable and easily accessible information.

Sarjana Desain (S.Ds.) degree

Future Me

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Branding Consultant
  • Junior Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Media Designer
  • Game Designer


  • Project-Based Learning
    Students learn through real projects to hone design competencies and skills as business people with the help of lecturers and practitioners.
  • Out of the Box
    Students are taught to think outside the box so that they can face today’s challenges and answer future challenges.
  • Networking
    Cooperation with associations and design support industries to help students get first-hand knowledge transfer through mentoring, business inspiration, and internships.
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