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In this specialization, students will be taught leadership and management skills in the culinary business. Hands-on learning accompanied by experienced lecturers with the best facilities to obtain in-depth knowledge of various cuisines and beverages. Students will learn to identify consumer needs, design specific business plans in the culinary industry, expand business knowledge, master management and entrepreneurship in finance, human resources, food service, and marketing and promotion.

Sarjana Manajemen (S.M.) degree - Bachelor's Degree

Future Me

  • Culinary Business Consultant
  • Food Consultant
  • Culinary Designer
  • Restaurant, Cafe Owner


  • Experiential Learning
    A business school that teaches the implementation of concepts, creativity, and business in the culinary field.
  • Business Exposure
    A learning method focuses on problem identification, opportunity creation, and development.
  • Vocational Exposure
    Learning method with real projects based on real problems.
  • Culinary Knowledge & Theory
    Students are enriched with culinary abilities and skills such as basic knowledge, arts and management, healthy products, and industry trends.
  • Culinary Attitude
    Students are equipped with the DEO method (Discovery, Exploration, Observation).
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