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Studying business communication and global business management, including finance and marketing, to enter various industries and develop business communication knowledge for careers in different industrial sectors.

  • Have the ability and knowledge in the field of business communication in all industrial sectors,
  • Develop business skills to enter the world of the media communication business,
  • Build strategic skills in copywriting, visual and audio communication and its application in business,
  • The practice of entrepreneurship provides knowledge both in business and in becoming a professional.

Sarjana Manajemen (S.M.) degree - Bachelor's Degree

Future Me

  • Chief Communication Officer (CCO)
  • Mass Media Owner
  • Business Communication Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Public Relation
  • Branding Expert


  • Real Projects, Real Problems, Real Clients
    Students are given a chance to be involved in the communication and business project from the beginning of their study, identify problems and execute solutions, including meeting with real clients.
  • Ciputra Group Network
    CSB Makassar is a part of the Ciputra Group, which expanded internationally and is well-known for its strength in marketing communication.
  • Project-based Learning
    Business learning is accompanied by experts and practical understanding in the media communication laboratory.
  • Entrepreneurial and Professional Communication
    Students would theoretically learn communication skills and practice them directly within the communication and multimedia business context.
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